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The Advantages of A Delaware Business Organization

Almost 60% of Fortune 500 companies have made Delaware their business organizations' state of choice, and for good reason. Delaware's business laws, its Chancery Court with nationally recognized expertise and governmental services make Delaware a corporate haven.

Delaware's business entity laws are among the most advanced and flexible in the United States. They are designed to provide maximum flexibility in the structuring of business entities and the allocation of rights and duties among owners and managers.

  • Liability Protection - personal financial liability of owners no greater than the shareholders' or members' investment; owners are insured from personal liability for negligent acts of the entities and its debts.

  • Substantial Tax Advantages - deductible retirement contributions and investment tax credits.

  • Separate Legal Identity - a corporation or LLC has a distinct identification completely apart from its owners, directors and officers.

  • Ease of Transferability of Ownership - shares of stock in a corporation or interest in an LLC may be sold or distributed without impairing organization or operation.

  • Uninterrupted Legal Existence - both corporations and LLC's have a perpetual life even upon death of primary owners or officers.

  • Subchapter S Election or LLC Partnership Treatment - permits tax savings by flowing through deductions and losses to personal tax returns.

  • Favorable Legislative Climate encourages laws supportive of business.

  • Experienced State Administration permits efficient operation of state functions.

  • Unequaled Corporate Judicial System provides skilled and prompt adjudication.

  • No Sales Or Use Tax In Delaware

  • Broad Corporate Powers permit conduct of several legal businesses by one corporation.

  • No Delaware Income Tax levied on corporations or LLC's not doing business in Delaware.

  • No Delaware Tax To Beneficiaries or corporate stock held by nonresidents.

  • All Meetings of members/stockholders and directors may be held outside of Delaware.

  • Bank Accounts not required to be in Delaware. Capital requirements have no minimum.

  • By-Laws may be made and altered by directors or by agreement of Members.

  • Only One Director, one shareholder, or one officer required for a Delaware corporation; only one member required for an LLC.

  • No Par Value required for stock.
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