Why You Might Want a Corporate Kit for Your Business

We live in an increasingly digital world. When starting a company, you might feel that it's old-fashioned to want a traditional corporate kit with physical copies of all of your documents. But many of our clients still do! Just as you may keep your family's personal documents (birth certificates, passports, etc.) together in a safe place, it's wise to do the same for your business. 

Let's go through the details of what a corporate kit is, what it contains, and why you may want one for your corporation or LLC...

What is a Corporate Kit?

A corporate kit is a deluxe binder that contains all of the most important documents for your corporation or LLC. The name of your corporation or LLC is usually embossed in gold on the slipcase.

Here is an example of what a corporate kit from The Incorporators Ltd. looks like:

corporate kit start a delaware corporation online

Our corporate kits also contain an embossed seal (shown above), customized with the name of your corporation or LLC. 

What Does a Corporate Kit Contain?

A corporate kit contains the following:

Stamped filed copy of Certificate of Incorporation (corporation) or Formation (LLC): Arguably the most important document in your corporate kit, your filed copy of your Certificate of Incorporation (corporation) or Formation (LLC) is the legal document that is filed with the state of Delaware to form your corporation or LLC.

Sample Minutes and Bylaws (corporation) or Operating Agreement (LLC): By-laws (for corporations) and Operating Agreements (for LLCs) are the governing documents under which entities operate; setting policies, defining duties and addressing other operational considerations. They are generally adopted by either the Incorporator or the initial Directors or Members. They must conform to Delaware Law, and may be amended from time to time. 

20 Customized Stock (corporation) or Membership (LLC) certificates: Certificates are issued to shareholders (corporations) or members (LLCs) to reflect ownership. Keeping these certificates in a safe place is extremely important.

Stock Transfer Ledger (corporations Only): The stock transfer ledger is the document used to keep an accurate record of the corporations stock transactions.

Membership Ledger (LLCs Only): Your company's record that shows who has been issued membership. This document should be maintained at all times. 

IRS forms: Form SS-4 Application and instructions for Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN).  Form 2553; Election by a Small Business Corporation (corporations). 

Charter Compliance Memorandum: Details the annual obligations necessary to maintain the entity charter in good standing.

Why You May Want a Corporate Kit

Maintaining your corporate kit and and keeping it accessible in a safe location is a wise decision, whether it is in digital form or hard copy.

That said, having all of your documents together in physical form can be helpful and can provide peace of mind to business owners. Plus, should you choose to invest in a corporate kit, you can always maintain digital copies of all important documents as well. 

How to Get a Corporate Kit

If you're starting a corporation and want a full corporate kit, we offer our Executive Corporate Package. For LLC formation, we offer our Executive LLC Package.

For something in between, we have our Corporate Snap Kit and our LLC Snap Kit, which offers all of the advantages of a corporate minute book in a sleek and professional portfolio. 

If you'd still prefer everything in digital form, we've got you covered. We offer Corporate Basic and Executive E-Kits as well as LLC Basic and Executive E-Kits, with all documents delivered directly to your email. 

If you've already formed your corporation or LLC and have now decided that you'd like a corporate kit or some of the accessories, visit our shop page to buy them individually

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