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How to Mark Your Business as Women-Owned on Yelp

how to mark your business as women-owned on yelp


In honor of Women's History Month, Yelp has partnered with Rebecca Minkoff's Female Founder Collective to highlight companies owned by women.

As of March 1st, you may now update your Yelp page to indicate that your business is a women-owned business.

The Incorporators Ltd. is a women-owned business and we recently updated our Yelp page to reflect that. Today we thought we'd share a quick tutorial with you about how to update your Yelp page to show that your business is women-owned.

First, log in to your Yelp for Business owners page here.

This will take you to your dashboard where you will see a navigation menu down the left side and statistics about your Yelp page on the right.

Here is the navigation menu:

how to mark your business as women-owned on yelp

Click on "Business Information". And your business information will be displayed, with basic information and map location appearing first. 

how to mark your business as women-owned on yelp

Click on the blue "edit" link to the right of Basic Information. Scroll down and you will see a section called Additional Information. This section gives you the option to answer yes or no to a variety of questions. At the bottom you will find "Women-Owned Business" is now an option.

how to mark your business as women-owned on yelp

Select "Yes" and save changes. 

Now go ahead and take a look at the Yelp page for your business. 

how to mark your business as women-owned on yelp

You'll find that on the right side of the page you'll now see "Women-Owned Business Yes" appear below your hours (along with the answers to any of the other questions, if you chose to answer them). 

Consumers are increasingly aligning their product and service choices with their personal and social values. Choosing to list your business as women-owned on Yelp allows potential customers to take that fact in to account when making purchasing decisions. 

We hope you found this tutorial helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

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