Our Most Common LLC Questions Answered

common questions about starting an LLC

What is the cheapest way to form an LLC?

Our most cost effective package option is our LLC E-Kit, an all digital package with delivery via email.

This package is priced at $175 and includes all state taxes and fees. Each package includes everything you need to make your business official including a stamped filed copy of your Certificate of Formation, a sample operating agreement and minutes, membership certificates, member ledger, stub sheet, charter compliance memorandum, IRS forms, and an electronic company seal. 

How fast can I form an LLC?

The turnaround time for a standard filing is typically 3-5 business days.

As we approach the end of the calendar year, the Delaware Division of Corporations is experiencing a high volume of orders and there is currently a 15-20 business day turnaround time on filings.

For urgent matters, we’d encourage you to upgrade to expedited processing for guaranteed processing time. Expedited processing is currently 24-48 hours. 

What is pass through taxation?

Pass through taxation refers to the tax structure of Delaware LLCs, where the business itself pays no taxes. The business pays taxes through the individuals who control the LLC. They are taxed on their personal tax returns.

How is an LLC different from a Sole Proprietorship?

The major difference between an LLC and a sole proprietorship is the legal protection that an LLC provides a business owner. In a sole proprietorship, the individual owner and the business are viewed as one entity for tax and legal purposes. This can put the business owner at risk in the event of legal action. 

If you're unsure which business structure is right for you, we'd encourage you to contact your attorney or accountant. 

What is a Series LLC?

A series LLC is a newer entity type that exists only in some states - including Delaware. Series LLCs start with a parent or umbrella LLC, under which series LLCs are formed, much like a corporation and subsidiaries. Each Series LLC may have its own managers and its liabilities and debts are separate from that of the parent LLC. 

Delaware was the first state to allow Series LLCs, in keeping with Delaware's history of being at the forefront of corporate law and remaining one of the most business friendly states. 

Series LLC's are often used for real estate holdings, where each property may be held in it's own Series LLC beneath the overall parent holding company.

Can you open a bank account for me?

The Incorporators does not open bank accounts on behalf of clients but we do provide you with the documents you will need to open a business bank account.

Most banks require a copy of your operating agreement, formation documents, or statement of incorporator naming the initial manager. Each of our packages includes a sample operating agreement and the formation documents (signed by the incorporator) for your new entity.  Some banks may require a certified copy of your Articles of Formation.

Many banks also request your EIN (employer ID number), a number you receive from the federal government after incorporation/formation.

Does my package include an EIN?

Our packages include the documents and the form you need to apply for an EIN. You can apply for one online quickly and easily via the IRS website here. We cannot apply for an EIN on your behalf.

If you have any questions about LLC formation, feel free to give us a call at 800-223-3928 or contact us.