Registered Agent Office Address vs. Business Address

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A question we are frequently asked is, when can we use our registered agent address in place of our business address?

Having an address you can use that is not your own can be helpful, especially if your home is technically your business address. Let's go over when it's okay to use your registered agent's address in place of your own. 

What is a Registered Agent?

The general duties of the Registered Agent are to accept and forward Annual Report Tax Notices and any other official documentation from the Secretary of State to the entity contact, and to accept and forward Service of Process. Registered Agent services do not automatically include mail forwarding.

Delaware law requires all entities domiciled in Delaware to retain a Registered Agent with a street address in Delaware.

You are required to keep your Registered Agent informed of the current business address for your entity. You may provide your Registered Agent with a P.O. Box as a mailing address but must also provide a street address. 

What is my business address?

Even internet based companies must provide a primary physical address when they form an entity. For instance, if you start an LLC and primarily work from your home, your principal office address would be your home address.

If you are utilizing a coworking space (shared office space like WeWork, for instance), your principal office address would be at that location. If you have a storefront and you work from that location, that is your principal office address.

When Can I Use My Registered Agent's address?

As mentioned above, your registered agent will accept and forward your annual report tax notices, all official documentation from the Secretary of State, as well as service of process.

If you use The Incorporators Ltd. as your Delaware registered agent, you may choose to add on mail forwarding service. If you are a current client of The Incorporators Ltd., you may purchase mail forwarding here.

With our mail forwarding service, you may use our address for business-related mail such as bank statements (though you are still required to provide the principal office address to the bank), government offices such as FAA, Coast Guard, IRS and other state qualifications or Fictitious Name Registrations (DBA’s). 

Businesses must distinguish between their mailing address and office or business address with the correspondent. 

Clients who are not subscribed to our mail forwarding services, may not use the address of The Incorporators Ltd. for anything other than correspondence with the State of Delaware and receipt of service of process.

If you still have any questions about the difference between your Registered Agent address and your business address, feel free to contact us at 800-223-3928 or contact us here

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