The Best Podcast for Small Business Owners in 2018

Five years ago the world of podcasts was much smaller than it is now. Ten years ago, many Americans hadn't even heard of a podcast. In 2005 Apple's Podcast app made its first appearance on the iPhone OS. Today Apple Podcasts hosts more than 550,000 shows and over 18.5 million individual episodes, as Apple confirmed at WWDC in June 2018

If you love podcasts (and we do), you're not alone. Each month 68 million Americans listen to a podcast. That's nearly one in four Americans. Are you more of a visual person? This infographic via Entrepreneur Magazine on the growth of podcasts is fascinating and paints a stunning picture of this rapidly growing medium.  

You can now find a podcast on nearly every subject. From social media to parenting, business to comedy, reality TV to murder mysteries, there's no lack of variety. For the entrepreneur or small business owner, there are ample offerings to inspire you and help you make the most of your drive, commute, or workout. 

Today we're sharing some of the best podcast offerings for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs in 2018.

best podcasts for small business owners - podcasts for entrepreneurs

The $100 MBA

Hosted by Omar Zenhom, The $100 MBA is wildly popular. And with good reason! New episodes are released daily and provide bite-sized business lessons and tips that can be directly applied.

If you're looking to add business podcasts to your daily life, The $100 MBA might be a perfect choice. Each episode is only 10-15 minutes long.

Rave reviews include:

"The $100 MBA Show is different. Rather than just recycling the same interviews I’ve heard everywhere else, Omar gives real, actionable advice that is applicable to MY small business. It’s truly refreshing."

What Works

What Works is a fantastic podcast for small business owners who want to learn directly from their peers.

Host Tara Mcmullin has conversations with small business owners about what is working for them. Having had the pleasure of seeing Tara speak at a conference, she's truly the real deal and strives to help small business owners connect and learn from each other. 

Repeat Customer

Why are some brands widely loved while others are nearly universally hated? Repeat Customer takes a look at how specific companies remain customer focused in order to drive success.

New episodes are released twice a month, with each episode running about 30 minutes. Though fairly new, the podcast has already explored brands like Sephora, Trader Joe's, and Brooklinen.

Mixergy Startup Stories

If you enjoy learning in more of a storytelling format, Mixergy Startup Stories might be for you. Host Andrew Warner interviews successful entrepreneurs to gain key insight into their strategy, success formula, and what they learned from their failures.

With over 1,000 interviews available, these interviews are sure to keep you inspired. Of note, not all episodes are available in the podcast app on from Apple. The full list of episodes can be found here

The How of Business

If you're looking for tips and actionable advice and have a little more time, The How of Business episodes are 30 to 45 minutes long and are a great resource to aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Each episode focuses on a specific theme and most include a guest who shares their expertise. These podcasts are definitely more for learning than entertainment but if that's what you're looking for, you may have just found the perfect pod for you. 

Shopify Masters

Is your business selling a product online? If so, the Shopify Masters podcast might be for you.

We love Shopify (you're currently reading this on a Shopify site) but you don't need to operate a Shopify store to learn from this podcast. Topics include dropshipping, product licensing, marketing, manufacturing, customer care, and more.

The Goal Digger Podcast

If you're looking for inspiration, look no further than the Goal Digger Podcast. Hosted by blogger turned business strategist and marketing expert Jenna Kutcher, these upbeat, "workshop style" episodes may be just what you need to stay motivated in an increasingly crowded digital world.

Topics include how to make money online, social media strategy, productivity tips, business hacks, and advice on managing entrepreneurship and personal obligations.

Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric Siu

Marketing School is another great option for business owners who are short on time but want helpful, actionable advice.

Hosts Neil Patel and Eric Siu have released hundreds of podcast episodes on specific topics. Each episode title makes it very clear what you'll gain from listening. It's perfect for anyone who wants to cherry-pick podcast episodes by topic and ensure that your listening minutes are utilized for topics that are specific to your business.

Masters of Scale

Are you thinking big with your business? Hear from some of the biggest in business as host Reid Hoffman interviews guests including Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer, Mark Zuckerberg, Sarah Blakey, and more. 

Ask a Manager

Each week, host Allison Green takes a call from an individual in need of work-related advice. Ask a Manager provides hands-on, direct advice for specific work situations. This podcast would be valuable for both employees and business owners.

Like Marketing School (mentioned above), Ask a Manager is a great option if you want to pick and choose episodes by topic. The podcast topics are clear and concise, including episodes like "My Employee Works from Home too Much" or "Getting Your Tone Right as the Boss".

We hope you've found some new podcasts to inspire you or learn new ways to help you take your small business to the next level. Happy listening!

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