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The Incorporators is one of a limited number of online corporate service providers in the State of Delaware authorized by the Delaware Division of Corporations to perform UCC filings and UCC searches.

Our UCC searches are certified and are obtained directly from Delaware's UCC Information System.

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UCC Filings

A UCC filing refers to the UCC-1 Financing Statement, a legal document that a lender or creditor files with the secretary of state when they have a security interest in the personal or business property of a debtor. 

When a business is approved for secured financing, the lender or creditor files a UCC-1 Financing Statement with the secretary of state in the state where the entity is registered. It gives notice that the lender has an interest, or lien, against the asset being used by a business to secure the financing.   

The lender acquires a lien on assets of the business, such as equipment, inventory, receivables, etc., which serve as collateral until the debt owed by the business is discharged. 

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