How to Change Your Delaware Registered Agent

delaware registered agent

What is a Registered Agent

A Registered Agent, also known as a resident agent or statutory agent, is a third-party business or individual based in the state that your corporation or LLC is established.

The Incorporators Ltd. provides Registered Agent services for entities in Delaware.

What a Registered Agent Does

The general duties of the Registered Agent are to accept and forward Annual Report Tax Notices and any other official documentation from the Secretary of State to the entity contact; and to accept and forward Service of Process.

Read more about what The Incorporators Ltd. can do for you, if acting as your registered agent. 

Do you have to have a Delaware Registered Agent?

Many states require a registered agent in the state where an entity is established. Delaware is one of the states that requires a registered agent.

If you are based in Delaware, you may choose to act as your own registered agent. If you are not, you must appoint a registered agent in Delaware. 

Why You Might Change Your Registered Agent

The most common reason that businesses change their registered agent is because they are unhappy with the service their current agent is providing.

You will also need to change to a new registered agent if the person or office appointed as agent closes their office or moves to a non-Delaware address.  If you were a Delaware resident and had been acting as your own registered agent, you're required to appoint a new registered agent if you move out of state.

How to Change Your Delaware Registered Agent

If you are interested in changing your Delaware registered agent, The Incorporators Ltd. offers registered agent services. You can complete our easy online form to make this change here

You can make this change entirely online with our simple web form and signed pdf document.

There is no need to print out the required pdf form. You may fill it out on your computer, electronically sign it, and save it to your computer. You will be prompted to attach it to your order. You also have the option to have the form sent to you after you complete your order. 

Once The Incorporators Ltd. is your registered agent, you may choose to add mail forwarding and use our address for business related mail. You can read more about when you can and cannot use The Incorporators Ltd.'s address here

If you have any questions about our registered agent services, feel free to contact us or give us a call at 800-223-3928.  

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