11 Ideas for Businesses You Can Start Today

11 Ideas for Businesses You Can Start Today

There's no need to tell you that most businesses these days don't look like the brick and mortar stores of days gone by. There's more opportunity to make money in alternative and unconventional ways than ever before. It seems everyone's got a side hustle.

What many people don't realize is that they may already have the skills or expertise needed...
how to cancel your delaware llc

How to Cancel Your Delaware LLC

As we approach year-end we wanted to take a moment to go over the steps required to officially cancel your LLC with the state of Delaware.

Delaware assesses taxes on all active charters annually on January 1. While the tax and fees are not due until June for LLC’s (and March for Corporations), the fees are assessed and due...
what documents do you need to open a business checking account

The Documents You Need to Open a Business Bank Account

One of the most common follow up questions we get from owners of recently formed entities is, how do I open a bank account for my business? What do I need?

The Incorporators does not open bank accounts on behalf of other entities but we can provide you with several of the documents you'll need to open a local or...
how to keep your corporation in good standing

3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Corporation in Good Standing

Keeping your corporation in good standing with the state of Delaware is a key element of managing your business. Plus, we've said it before - corporate compliance saves you time and money!

Today we're going to walk you through the three easy ways to keep your corporation in good standing. 

Make sure your registered agent always has your correct contact information.

how to form an s corp - what is an s corp

What is a Subchapter S Corporation?

What Does Subchapter S Election Mean?

Generally speaking, Subchapter S election means that for federal tax purposes the corporation does not exist.

A general C corporation that has "elected" S corporation status passes earnings and losses through the corporation and is reported on the owners' personal income tax return. This avoids the "double taxation" feature of general businesses and close...

transparent pricing - incorporation in delaware

Building Consumer Trust with Pricing Transparency

Transparency in pricing is becoming a trend across a variety of markets. More than ever, we're seeing direct-to-consumer successes who are open about their cost and profit, sharing details about how and where their products are made, and how much it costs to make them. There has been a shift in the consumer mindset in recent years, with...
how to use Rakuten for your business

How to Use Rakuten for Your Business

What is Rakuten

Rakuten is the largest free membership loyalty program in the United States. Rakuten gives consumers cash back for online purchases at many major retailers.

How Rakuten Works

People are often skeptical when they first hear about eBates. Free money with no gimmicks? It seems too good to be true. Fortunately, Rakuten is completely legitimate and can help...
IRS hobby or business - when does IRS consider hobby a business? - business vs. hobby

Is it a Hobby or a Business? How to Decide Before Tax Time

More Americans than ever have a side gig. In fact, a recent survey by found that 37% of Americans make additional money from a job that is not their full-time gig.

The average American with a side gig makes $686 a month; 59% use this extra money as disposable income while 38% use the extra cash to...

coworking space - make offices and wework review

What You Need to Know About Coworking Space

Coworking space has become a popular buzzword in the news recently and for good reason. It is estimated that there are now over 17,000 coworking spaces worldwide and over 2.3 million members.

With projections estimating that we will nearly double both of those numbers by 2022, coworking is not a concept that will be fading anytime soon. Let's...

when can I use my registered agent's address - registered agent address vs. business address

Registered Agent Office Address vs. Business Address

A question we are frequently asked is, when can we use our registered agent address in place of our business address?

Having an address you can use that is not your own can be helpful, especially if your home is technically your business address. Let's go over when it's okay to use your registered agent's address in place of your...

not-for-profit vs. non-profit corporation

The Difference Between a Non-Profit and a Not-for-Profit Corporation

A question we often get from those starting a business with a philanthropic mission is: what's the difference between a non-profit and a not-for-profit company?

These terms are often used interchangeably but should not necessarily be. There are many similarities between the two types of entities but there are a few key differences.

Let's take a look at...

how to close your Delaware corporation or LLC - closing your business

Closing Your Business – What You Need to Know

Businesses close for many reasons, and business owners can understandably become overwhelmed with everything involved in winding up a company.

But, just as a legal filing is required to start your corporation or LLC, you must file a document with your state of jurisdiction to formally dissolve that entity.

Although you may believe it is easier to simply let the...