the incorporators thanksgiving hours

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

The Incorporators will be closed on Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. The State of Delaware Division of Corporations is also closed both of these days. 

All orders received will be processed on Monday, December 2nd. 

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday. 

11 Ideas for Businesses You Can Start Today

11 Ideas for Businesses You Can Start Today

There's no need to tell you that most businesses these days don't look like the brick and mortar stores of days gone by. There's more opportunity to make money in alternative and unconventional ways than ever before. It seems everyone's got a side hustle.

What many people don't realize is that they may already have the skills or expertise needed...
how to cancel your delaware llc

How to Cancel Your Delaware LLC

As we approach year-end we wanted to take a moment to go over the steps required to officially cancel your LLC with the state of Delaware.

Delaware assesses taxes on all active charters annually on January 1. While the tax and fees are not due until June for LLC’s (and March for Corporations), the fees are assessed and due...
Veterans Day Hours

Veterans Day Hours

The Incorporators Ltd. will be closed on Monday, November 11th in observance of Veterans Day. We will reopen on Tuesday, November 12th at 9am EST.

Any orders placed on November 11th will be processed the next business day.

We honor those men and women who have served, and continue to serve, our country. 

what does a registered agent do?

What Does a Registered Agent Do?

If you are a Delaware resident and have a Delaware address, you are allowed to act as your own registered agent although there are a few reasons why you may not want to. We discuss this more in our post - Can I Be My Own Registered Agent?

But what does your registered agent actually do? Let's take a look...

how to use instagram giveaways

How to Use Instagram Giveaways to Grow Your Business

Many small business owners benefit greatly from the use of social media. It can be an incredible way to connect with your current customer base and reach a new audience.

Remember, you don't have to be a on all social media platforms, just the ones where your current and ideal customers are. We have a post about this - how to...
what documents do you need to open a business checking account

The Documents You Need to Open a Business Bank Account

One of the most common follow up questions we get from owners of recently formed entities is, how do I open a bank account for my business? What do I need?

The Incorporators does not open bank accounts on behalf of other entities but we can provide you with several of the documents you'll need to open a local or...
can you act as your own Delaware registered agent?

Can You Act as Your Own Registered Agent?

If you are not a Delaware resident and you do not have a physical address to use in the state of Delaware, you cannot act as your own registered agent. That said, if you are a Delaware resident and wish to use your Delaware address, you are legally allowed to act as your own registered agent if ...
llc vs sole proprietorship

LLC vs. Sole Proprietorship

As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest decisions you'll make about starting your own business is whether to act as a sole proprietor or form an LLC. Often businesses have been acting as sole proprietorships for some time before they elect to form an LLC.

We recommend seeking the advice of your tax accountant or attorney if you are unsure...
how to keep your corporation in good standing

3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Corporation in Good Standing

Keeping your corporation in good standing with the state of Delaware is a key element of managing your business. Plus, we've said it before - corporate compliance saves you time and money!

Today we're going to walk you through the three easy ways to keep your corporation in good standing. 

Make sure your registered agent always has your correct contact information.

easy ways to protect your brand online

4 Easy Ways to Protect Your Brand Online

Is your business susceptible to brand infringement or impersonation online? In todays digital world, failing to do a few key things to protect your brand could have major consequences for your business.

The good news is that just a few basic steps can go a long way to protect yourself and your brand online.

1. Reserve the name of your...
what to do if your delaware registered agent resigns

What to Do if Your Registered Agent Resigns

So your registered agent resigned. Now what? It's never good news to find out that your corporation or LLC may not be in in good standing with the state of Delaware. Today we'll walk you through what to do if you find out that your registered agent has resigned and how to ensure your corporation or LLC is in good standing...